Green Initiatives Calendar Photo Contest

Every year, we hold a contest and invite community members to submit potential photos for the calendar. We’re looking for photos that show the County’s natural beauty, wildlife and more. The Green Initiatives Calendar is free and includes everything our residents need to know about Lac La Biche County’s environmental programs and services.

We have started work on next year’s Green Initiatives Calendar and we need your help to fill it with high-quality photos of our beautiful region. Be sure to submit one from each season! 

Submissions for the 2023 Green Initiatives Calendar are now closed. Photos submitted now until September 2023 will be considered for the 2024 Calendar. Thank you to everyone who submitted this year.

Photo Quality

Pictures must be of high quality so they can be printed. Please ensure the image resolution is set to 'high' before you upload it into our electronic submission form. Many cell phones automatically downsize the image quality to save data so please ensure you change this setting. Images should be at least 2 MB in size to ensure they are of high enough resolution for inclusion in the calendar.

Photo Locations 

All photos must be taken within Lac La Biche County and noted with each entry. 

The Prize

Each winning photographer will receive $100 in County Dollars to be used at a local business. Last year we had some really great entries so don't be afraid to give it a try!

How to Enter

Before sending us your images please name each image file with the location in the County the photo was taken. If this isn't possible please list the photo numbers and their corresponding locations in your email.

Be sure to include:  Your Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Photo Locations

Send your entries to:

Photo Use Policy

Photos submitted as part of the Green Initiatives Calendar photo contest will be credited to the person who submits it. The images may be used in a variety of County publications and for the promotion of the calendar.

Last Year's Calendar

Copies of our Green Initiatives Calendars are made available at all County facilities including McArthur Place, Bold Center, County Centre, and all landfills and transfer stations.

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