Business Partnership Program

About the Program

The Business Partnership Program is a new program being implemented in the Hamlet of Lac La Biche where property and business owners give authority to Lac La Biche County Peace Officers to act as “agents” for their property. 

This gives Peace Officers the authority to act on behalf of the owner for complaints that are within their authority to investigate. It is modelled after a similar program implemented in Edmonton that has been used on hundreds of major public and private properties across the city with lasting positive results for the community.

With the cooperation of local business and property owners our goal is to see the same kind of positive outcome for our community.

What does 'Agent' mean?

As per the provincial legislation, “Agent” means a person authorized by the owner. Being an agent gives Lac La Biche County Peace Officers the authority to arrest without a warrant for the committal of an offence on, or in relation, to that property.

An example of such an offence would include issuing a ban on unwanted persons who are neither tenants nor invited guests of a tenant and charge those persons under the Trespass to Premises Act if they violate the ban. 

If a Peace Officer sees a property crime being committed at a property or business enrolled in the program, they would be able to make an arrest and work with the RCMP to have the individuals charged under the criminal code.

Benefits of participating

Lac La Biche County Peace Officers are always looking for ways to develop a strong relationship with the community, businesses, and residents.

This program allows Peace Officers the ability to work closely with businesses and property owners to enhance crime prevention strategies, thereby reducing property and business-related crimes.

With the Business Partnership Program, Peace Officers would be able to patrol and take action on property related issues around the clock.

How does it work?

Every business that signs up for the Business Partnership Program will receive a sticker to put outside of their business or property. 

This identifies the property as a participant in the program to responding officers. It also makes everyone aware that your business has an added level of support in terms of crime prevention.

If trouble arises, the Peace Officers can ban unwanted persons from the building and charge them under the Trespass to Premises Act if they violate the ban.

How to apply

Business and property owners can join the program by filling out the electronic form below. 

Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email and the request will automatically be forwarded to Enforcement Services.

During summer months you can also get in touch with our Street Ambassadors to assist you join the program. You can also call 780-623-6767 and speak to a member of the Enforcement Services team about joining.

Changing or revoking agent status

A business can revoke Agent Status at any time, as long as it is put into writing and the sticker is removed and returned to Lac La Biche County Enforcement Services. In the case of a change in ownership of the building, the outgoing owner must notify Enforcement Services and terminate the agreement. If interested in participating the new business owner will have to enroll in the program.

More Information

Enforcement Services, Business Partnership Program

P:  780-623-6767