Main Street Revitalization

As infrastructure ages, there comes a time when it is beyond repair and complete systems must be replaced. Lac La Biche’s Main Street from 100 to 103 Street requires deep utility replacement. Council decided that while utility replacement work was being completed to improve and revitalize the street, making it a destination for tourists and locals alike. The Main Street Revitalization Project includes the replacement of underground utility lines and the revitalization of Main Street. 

The second phase is starting the whole construction process again. This time around, the process will incorporate lessons learned from the first year of construction.

What to Expect in 2024

Block One: 103 Street to 102 Street 

This section of Main Street will remain open during finishing touches in 2024. During the 2024 construction season, finishing touches and aesthetic elements will be added, with the road and sidewalks remaining open during the completion of this work. These finishing touches include:

  • Installation of lit and non-lit bollards.
  • Placement of precast concrete planter pots.
  • Landscaping work including planting of mature trees and plants, and placement of mulch planter beds.
  • Finishing for decorative concrete planter boxes and obelisks. 
  • Installation of artwork with decorative lighting.
  • Installation of new wayfinding and traffic signs.
  • Above ground electrical connections for decorative lighting features.
  • Installation of waste receptacles.
  • Removal of concrete swales and Installation of trench drain systems.
  • Placement of outstanding painted traffic markings.

Installation of traffic signals for the 103rd Street Intersection.

Block Two: East side of 102 Street to east side of 101 Street

This section of Main Street will close for construction in late April 2024. 

What does this mean for me? Disruptions should be expected to continue along Main Street over the next two years. But don’t fret - we are working closely with our construction crew, consultants, business owners in the area, and the public to make sure we give as much notice as possible to road closures, detours, and other traffic accommodations. You’ll still be able to access all of your favourite stores and amenities.

What does this mean for businesses in the area? Businesses along Main Street will experience some road closures in their area. This is a significant rehabilitation project that will involve the removal of all existing surface material, resulting in road closures and detours throughout the project area. During construction, we will be working closely with businesses to help minimize impacts as much as possible. Please continue to visit and support our business community!

2024 Traffic Accommodations

Find out how to get around Lac La Biche during the summer of 2024 by taking a look at our traffic accommodation plan. Pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained, and additional parking is provided for near the construction site. Please note, this may change periodically.

Stage 1 (including a partial closure of 100 Street from May 2 to 6)

Click here to view a larger version of Stage 1 Traffic Accommodations.

Stage 2 (currently in effect, and updated with additional parking options)

Click here to view a larger version of Stage 2 Traffic Accommodations.

History of the Project

The Main Street Lac La Biche Revitalization Project spans 101 Avenue from 100 to 103 Street. The project includes the replacement of underground utility lines and the beautification of Main Street. The revitalization aspects, like benches, landscape beds, new trees, updated street lighting, specialized signage, and stamped pavement, are intended to support businesses along Main Street, creating an attractive atmosphere for residents and tourists. The underground utility lines being installed will modernize the Hamlet’s infrastructure, and serve nearby business owners and residents for many years to come.