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Subdividing land can be a daunting process, but Lac La Biche County’s Planning and Development department is here to help you see it through. Below is a description of the process and what to expect while applying to subdivide your land.

Land use planning in Alberta must follow both provincial and municipal-level plans. The Municipal Government Act (MGA) provides the legislative authority for Lac La Biche County to make land use planning and development decisions within its boundaries.

Please review the information package below to help understand the subdividing process. If you are ready to move forward we would be happy to review your Rezoning Application.

Getting Started

You’ll want to begin by completing and submitting a subdivision application. You can submit any additional planning documentation along with the application.

Once received, your application goes through an internal review, which includes checking additional planning documents and reviewing the zoning district and land file. If the application passes the review process, the next step is to notify adjacent landowners and affected agencies about the subdivision application for comments, questions and concerns. 

This process takes 21 days. Any submissions arising from the notification process are submitted to the Municipal Planning Commission to consider when deciding on the application.

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is a board made up of public members at large and Council members. They meet twice a month to discuss subdivision and development files. Once they render a decision on the application, each subdivision will be met with some conditions for approval. These conditions can vary. Once they are completed, the County collects a final endorsement fee and authorizes the survey plan to be registered.

A survey plan is a document that is prepared by a qualified professional showing the measurements and dimensions of existing and new parcel boundaries. Lac La Biche County will accept a surveyed plan or a descriptive plan. A surveyed plan will identify exact surveyed boundaries and lot dimensions by way of pins. A descriptive plan is a mete and bounds description of the area to be separated from the original title.

Once the survey plan is registered at the Land Titles Office, the subdividing process is complete. 


Rezoning is the changing of the districting to allow different uses, or further subdivisions, to occur on the lands. The Land Use Bylaw regulates how land is to be used and developed. This help establish development standards within each district and provide a system to help issue approvals at the municipal level.

Please review the information package below to help understand the rezoning process. If you are ready to move forward we would be happy to review your Rezoning Application.

How to Apply

Completed your checklist and are ready to make an application? Just click below to be redirecting to our rezoning application form.

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