Roads and Streets
T:  780-623-6811
After-Hours Transportation Services Line (for County roadway emergencies only): 780-404-4078

The County repairs and maintains an extensive system of rural roads, bridges, urban streets and sidewalks. It also owns, operates and maintains the Lac La Biche Airport located two kilometres west of Lac La Biche. Snow, ice and dust control, along with roadside mowing, is done to increase driver safety.  

Street Sweeping

The County regularly conducts street sweeping in urban areas to keep our road network safe and free of debris, especially after the spring melt.

Street sweeping is split into four zones within the hamlet of Lac La Biche. The hamlet of Plamondon is a single zone.

Snow and Ice Control

The Snow and Ice Control Policy sets priorities for which roads will be done first and when the work will be completed.  

The County will snowplow or grade private driveways or roadways for a fee. There is no charge for citizens with disabilities or who are more than 65-years-old. However, anyone wanting this service must fill out and submit a Snowplow Flag Agreement or a Senior Snowplowing Agreement. You can view our Private Driveway and Road Maintenance Policy here for more details on these services.

Winter Major Snow Event Equipment Hiring

Lac La Biche County is creating a list of available tractor and blades, tractor and snow blower, and graders to be used when selecting contract equipment for hire as and when needed for major snow event road maintenance services.

The County will maintain a list of available tractors and graders which will be updated and renewed on an annual basis.

To be added to the list, please complete the attached form(s) and submit to Lac La Biche County, Transportation Services Department via mail at Box 1679, Lac La Biche, AB, T0A 2C0 or via email at

For more information, please call 780-623-6811.

Load Limits

A Road Protection Permit Application to Transportation Services is required for companies hauling six loads per day or more weighing more than 8,000 kg. per load. A permit is issued upon approval of the application and deposit of a security fee. The fee provides insurance against road damage that may be caused by the hauler. The Road Protection Permit Procedure spells out the responsibilities of the permit holder, has a fee schedule and a copy of the permit application.

Truck and Heavy Equipment Registration

Any County contract that involves commercial trucks, trailers or heavy equipment requires the contractor to annually complete a Truck and Equipment Registration (Please click on the link below). The registration is valid until the end of the calendar year. The form can be emailed, mailed or dropped off at the County Centre. Please visit our Contract Opportunities webpage for a list of current tenders.

Gravel Road Grading

Lac La Biche County has a large network of gravel roads to maintain in order to provide residents with safe access to their homes and outlying areas. To better manage the work, the County has divided gravel road grading work into seven zones, with staff regularly performing maintenance in each zone as required.

Click here to view a map of the County split into seven grader zones. Roads highlighted in red are graded regularly by County staff.


If you're interested in getting an approach constructed, please read our policy and fill out our application form.

Dust Control

Every year, the County accepts applications from rural residents for 200-metre calcium chloride dust abatement treatment. Applications received on or before April 30 will automatically be incorporated into the dust abatement program, provided the request is compliant with policy. Applications received after April 30 and up to June 1 may be transitioned into the dust abatement program if scheduling permits.

For your information:

  • Why does the grader operator sometimes grade through the dust suppression? Occasionally, the grader operator must re-grade the applied road section to maintain a safe road surface for the public. Under normal circumstances, the calcium dust treatment will remain activated and no action by the County is required.
  • Calcium suppresses the dust, but does not eliminate dust.
  • There is no guarantee to the length of life of the calcium treatment.
  • The County, at its discretion, may reapply or reactivate the calcium.
  • The County reserves the right to maintain the public road in a safe and reliable condition, even if it means the removal and/or destruction of the dust abatement agent.

Apply for the 2024 dust abatement program now.