Peace Officers
T: 780-623-6767
For emergencies, call 911

Lac La Biche County recognizes the need to provide a safe public environment for residents and visitors. The County's Enforcement Services department works alongside community members, provincial agencies and the RCMP to provide proactive education and leadership and enforce municipal and provincial laws.

Lac La Biche County's Peace Officers are responsible for delivering Animal Control services. Click here for information about Animal Control.

Contact Information

24-Hour Complaint Line: (780) 623-6767
General Inquiries: (780) 623-6767 or
Emergencies (threat to life or property): 911

Who We Are and What We Do

The County employs both Community Peace Officers and Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Officers. The Community Peace Officer Program operates under the direction of Alberta Justice and Solicitor General.

Lac La Biche County's program has three purposes:

  1. Increase public awareness through relationship-building, outreach and education initiatives
  2. Promote community standards, public safety and responsibility
  3. Enforce provincial legislation and the County's bylaws

Peace Officer Priorities

Council has established the following priorities for the Lac la Biche County Community Peace Officer Program: 

1. Rural and urban focused patrols and enforcement; 

2. Visually safer neighborhoods and business districts; 

3. Promoting safety, education and crime prevention with youth and adults; and,

4. Safer and better protected roadways.

Click on the link below to review the Community Peace Officer Policy.


How do we do this? 

In addition to patrolling and responding to complaints, officers host information sessions and lead awareness campaigns about a wide variety of important topics, from crime prevention to the proper use of child safety seats. Officers visit local schools, run checkstops, and collaborate with our local and regional partners to address issues.

Bylaw Awareness and Enforcement

One of the Enforcement Services department's primary responsibilities is awareness and enforcement of the County's bylaws. All bylaws are public documents. 

Some of the bylaws our officers frequently work with include the following:

  • Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw: This bylaw allows officers to investigate dog-related complaints. Click here for information about Animal Control services.
  • Community Standards and Safety Bylaw: This bylaw relates to protecting our community and our residents. It deals with issues such as unsightly, untidy, unsafe or dangerous properties, fighting in public, harassment, bullying, and curfews.
  • Fire Protection Bylaw: This bylaw enhances fire safety in and around our community, prohibiting burning without authorization and other potential fire hazards. Please also see the attached document, "How Burning Garbage can Harm you and the Environment"
  • Land Use Bylaw: This bylaw details permitted and discretionary land uses and developments in Lac La Biche County. The goal of Land Use Bylaw (LUB) enforcement is to encourage compliance through education.
    • Common categories of LUB enforcement include:
      • Unauthorized developments that do not correspond to any permitted or discretionary land uses;
      • Developments without permits;
      • Non-compliance with Development Permit conditions;
      • Encroachments and unauthorized uses of Lac La Biche County municipal lands.
  • Traffic Bylaw: This bylaw relates to traffic and parking offences, like conducting illegal turns, failing to stop for pedestrians, parking in prohibited areas and more.