Presenting to Council

What is a Delegation?

Delegations provide important information to County Council, County Administration, and the Public on issues, projects, and community initiatives in and around Lac La Biche County. 

Meetings are open to the public unless in Closed Session. If you are unsure, please check with the receptionist upon arrival.

Council meetings are livestreamed on the Lac La Biche County website, in accordance with the County Webcasting Policy.

What is the process? How do I apply?

To schedule a delegation, please complete the electronic Delegation Request Form below, it will automatically be submitted to Legislative Services. 


Delegation requests must be received at least 6 days in advance of the preferred meeting date. Regular Council Meetings are held the 1, 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Please refer to the Events Calendar to see upcoming Council Meetings. 

Delegation requests will be reviewed in accordance with the Meeting Procedures Bylaw which is the Thursday prior to the scheduled meeting date. Requests may be approved, referred to Administration, or refused. In the event a request is refused or referred, the reason(s) will be communicated. Administration will endeavor to hold no more than two delegations per meeting.

Presentation Material

If you are using a PowerPoint presentation or have accompanying material, it must be provided with your delegation request, and it will form the public Council Agenda Package. 

Delegation Limits

Delegations have up to 15 minutes to present to Council; this includes a question and answer component. 

Any party wishing to attend Council as a delegation is restricted to one (1) presentation on the same topic every six months. Under exceptional circumstances (for example: there is new or compelling information), then Council may vary this restriction. 

Delegation Conduct

All delegations shall address, and be directed, by the Chair (Mayor) which means all dialogue is directed through the Mayor. Mayor and Council are addressed as: Mr. Mayor and Members of Council. 

The Mayor will introduce you and your presentation topic.

Matters brought forward by a delegation may be discussed, debated and decided upon during the Disposition of Delegation Business portion of the agenda, unless the matter appears elsewhere in the agenda. 

Delegation Presentation Options: Virtual and In-Person

Delegations are welcome to present in person or virtually.

Should you prefer to present virtually to Council, Legislative Services will provide delegations with the required electronic participation details the day prior to the scheduled delegation date.