Local Emergency Alerting System

Every second counts in an emergency situation. That’s why Lac La Biche County is implementing a local emergency alerting system, so we can directly inform residents about wildfires, floods and other situations that may affect them.

You can now sign up electronically to receive notifications from us through this system. Please check back here for updates, or keep an eye on our Facebook page (@laclabichecounty).

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We understand that emergencies are difficult to predict. For the purposes of the local emergency alerting system, the following are considered emergencies:

  1. Large urban fires, industrial fires or wildfires with potential to threaten the public.
  2. Dangerous weather events (ice storm, tornado, etc.)
  3. Incidents of crime with potential to threaten the public (active shooter, etc.)
  4. Any other situation which, in the opinion of the system administrators, may pose a significant threat to lives or property.

You can choose how you would like the system to contact you, keeping in mind that the system's administrators will be able to override these preferences if necessary in an emergency.

Depending on your choice, the system can use voice calls (audio recordings), text messages and email messages, to send you notifications.

Note: In severe or life-threatening emergency situations, when every second counts, you may receive a voice call even if you did not sign up for voice calls.

  1. Residents can register on this website to receive notifications through our alerting system. In future, you will be able to register online, by phone or in person at certain Lac La Biche County events.
  2. When you register, you can choose which types of notifications you want to receive. Subscribing to emergency notifications is automatic, but you can also subscribe to optional notifications like unplanned facility closures, utility service interruptions, significant County road closures, and more.
  3. There may be times when non-emergency situations, depending on their scope, may be treated as emergencies. For example, a serious water main break that is affecting a large number of residents may be considered an emergency, in which case residents who do not normally receive notifications about utility service interruptions may be notified anyway.
  4. When we have a situation that we need to communicate using the alerting system, we can choose the area that alert messages will apply to, and then registered residents in that area will receive notifications. Depending on the situation, an alert can be issued to all of Lac La Biche County or just to specific neighbourhoods and subdivisions. This way, we can direct messages only to those who are affected or who need to know.
  5. You can choose how you want to receive notifications – by text message, voice call, email, or all three. Note: In severe or life-threatening emergency situations, when time is of the essence, you may receive a voice call even if you did not sign up for voice calls.

Many other municipalities are using local emergency alerting systems to communicate with their residents. In addition to using social media and our website, this system will allow us to reach residents throughout our community, at any time. The system won’t replace our usual emergency procedures, but it will help us ensure the highest possible number of people are contacted and know what to do when an emergency happens in their area.

Depending on what's happening, we can issue a notification to all of Lac La Biche County or just to specific subdivisions and neighbourhoods. This way, we can direct messages only to those who are affected or who need to know.

For example, if a water main break affects only Sunset Bay, then only residents of that area will receive the notification.

The system uses mapping software that lets administrators define the areas for each message that gets sent. As you can see in the example below, an administrator is setting up a message to residents of the hamlet of Lac La Biche (just within the hamlet boundaries, not necessarily surrounding neighbourhoods).

Sign up to receive notifications through our Local Emergency Alerting System, or click "My Account" to change your existing settings

The personal information you provide to us using this form is being collected under the authority of Section 33(c) of Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, for the purpose of managing our Local Emergency Alerting System. If you have any questions about Lac La Biche County's collection and use of your personal information, please contact the FOIP Coordinator for Lac La Biche County at (780) 623-1747.

It is optional to subscribe to the following types of notifications. Please note that, if any of the situations below are severe enough to be treated as emergencies, you will receive notifications if your area is affected.

1. Unplanned Facility Closures: Residents will be able to subscribe to any or all of the following:

  • Administrative Office Closures
  • Recreation Facility Closures (Bold Center, Plamondon Arena and Portage Pool)
  • Landfill & Transfer Station Closures.

2. Major Water, Sewer and Natural Gas Interruptions

3. Significant County Road Closures

4. Public Health Advisories and Drinking Water Notices

5. Fire Bans and Fire-Related Restrictions in Lac La Biche County's Area of Operation: A large portion of Lac La Biche County lies within the Forest Protection Area, so the Government of Alberta decides which fire restrictions apply in that zone. If you choose to subscribe to this type of notification, please make sure you are a resident of the "fire control district" that Lac La Biche County oversees (the southwestern part of the County, generally speaking, as detailed on this map). Please call 780-623-6767 if you are not sure about your property's location.

6. Snow Removal and Road Maintenance Operations: Residents can sign up for notifications about County snow removal operations, or other types of road maintenance (such as street sweeping). When a snow removal or street sweeping schedule is officially set, everyone on this list (regardless of location) will receive a notification with the full schedule.

Be sure that your location is set correctly in the system when you sign up for these notifications.