Local Notices

Notice of Public Hearing: Bylaws 23-036 and 23-037

Take notice that the Council of Lac La Biche County is proposing to pass a bylaw pursuant to Section 692 of the Municipal Government Act and a public hearing will be held to obtain public input on proposed Bylaws 23-036 and 23-037.

The purpose of proposed Bylaw 23-036 is to amend Map 3 of the Municipal Development Plan for Lot 1, Plan 9825914 from Residential to Commercial.

The purpose of proposed Bylaw 23-037 is to rezone Lot 1, Plan 9825914 containing 0.54 Ha (1.34 Ac) in size more or less, from Medium Density Residential District (MDR) to Central Commercial District (CC).

Date of Hearing: Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Time of Hearing: 11:00 a.m.

Place of Hearing: Council Chambers – Second Floor, McArthur Place 10307-100 Street, Hamlet of Lac La Biche (Electronic Participation Details are also available-see below)

A copy of the proposed bylaws can be viewed by clicking on the following links: Bylaw 23-036 and Bylaw 23-037. For further information please contact Sheera Bourassa, Planning and Development Officer at 780-623-6744 or Sheera.Bourassa@laclabichecounty.com.

Anyone who is interested in speaking on the proposed bylaw is encouraged to participate. Presentations can be in-person, virtually or by written submission. Each participant will be given up to 10 minutes to present to County Council.

To pre-register or to forward a written submission, please contact Legislative Services by noon the day prior to the public hearing, via email at legservices@laclabichecounty.com or by phone at 780-623-1747. Those wishing to present virtually are requested to pre-register by noon the day prior to the public hearing and Legislative Services will provide registered participants with the necessary ZOOM information to access the public hearing by virtual means.

Submissions received after the public hearing cannot be considered by Council, so it is important that interested parties participate in the public hearing.

Council meetings and public hearings may be broadcast via electronic means and can be viewed on the Lac La Biche County website. To view the livestream of any Council Meeting, please visit: www.laclabichecounty.com and select the meeting date located in the Council Meetings section.