Safe Place Program

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As part of our commitment to community safety, Lac La Biche County is launching a Safe Place program, to help victims of hate crime, harassment and bullying get help when they need it.

2020_01_29_SafeSpacev2How it works:

Participating local businesses, community facilities and schools display Safe Place decals and posters on their walls and windows, identifying them as places where people experiencing hate crime, harassment or bullying (as victims or witnesses) can safely contact the County's Peace Officers for assistance and wait for help to arrive.

This program runs in partnership with the RCMP, who will be involved in serious cases.

Are you interested in participating in our Safe Place program? Call (780) 623-6767 for more information.

What participating locations need to know:

  1. To ensure your location is easily identifiable as a Safe Place, you are expected to display Safe Place decals and posters in prominent places.
  2. You are expected to assist victims and/or witnesses of hate crime, harassment or bullying who make themselves known to you, by contacting the Peace Officers on their behalf and providing a safe place for them to wait until help has arrived.
  3. You are expected to use good judgment when handling situations. For example, call 911 when it is appropriate. There may be times when victims or witnesses of crimes other than hate crimes, harassment or bullying, or who may be experiencing other forms of distress, come to you for assistance.
  4. If victims/witnesses are being belligerent or causing a disturbance, it is acceptable to ask them to wait outside, but you are still expected to contact the Peace Officers.

If you're ready to request Safe Place decals and posters for your business, community facility or school, complete the form below.

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