FCSS and Community Development

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T: 780-623-6745

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is a partnership between the Province / Municipal Governments and Metis Settlements to provide preventive and very early intervention services in communities. It has been offered in the province for over 50 years.

FCSS is found across the province and looks a bit different in each community.

FCSS is governed by a Provincial Act and Regulation on how the money can be used.

FCSS Act and Regulation states that the funding split must be at least 20% municipal funding to 80% provincial funding. Many municipalities contribute more than the 20% share. Municipalities report annually to the provincial government on how the money was used and what the community impact was.


FCSS focuses on prevention and very early intervention social service programs. These programs are designed to support “People development for strong communities.”

  • We work with other County departments and community agencies to offer a wide range of services across the ages.
    • Whether you are parents for the first time with a brand-new babe or a senior wanting to try something new, we probably offer something for you.


Lac La Biche County has a mix of FCSS funded programs and services and some that are fully funded by the County (because they do not fit within the provincial FCSS mandate – see FCSS below).

These services complement each other, so we have created a team of dynamic people to serve you, the community. Services not funded by FCSS include the Community Access Service, Child Mind Service, and the Family Resource Network.

FCSS Programs: 

For a listing of FCSS programs available, just check out the most recent Program Activity Guide. You will find a listing for all the programs available in any given season. Whether it is Tumble Kids in winter, Junior Teen Social Club in the summer, Teen Chill Zone during school terms, or Seniors’ Aquafit, there is something for every age group.

Watch for our events that bring the community together from celebrating family at the Family Day Festival, bringing in a speaker on child and family development or a seniors’ spring tea. We also support volunteerism, including celebrating the fabulous army of volunteers that makes Lac La Biche County such a phenomenal place to live.

Please click on the link below if you want to learn more about:

FCSS Grants
Lac La Biche County Interagency
Community Access Service
Child MInding Services
Lac La Biche County FCSS Bylaw and Board
Northern Lakes Family Resource Network: It Takes a Village

Contact Information:

General Inquiries:           780-623-6745                 
or e-mail:  fcss@laclabichecounty.com

FCSS Manager:                780-623-6819

Community Outreach Workers:

              Junior Teen        780-623-6365                  Youth                                          780-623-6754

              Seniors               780-623-6726                  Community Development          780-623-6361

Young Family Connections / Child Mind Services: 780-623-6365

Community Access Services – both Paratransit and Community Access Service: 780-623-6763

Northern Lakes Family Resource Network:  It Takes a Village - 780-623-6745

The FCSS office is located at the Bold Center (8702 – 91 Avenue)



Lac La Biche County has chosen to use FCSS funding for both direct services and grants to non-profit organizations. If you have an idea for a program that might be good for the community or your organization wants to apply for funding, give us a call (see the contact information below).

  • Lac La Biche County has a Bylaw governing our local FCSS operations, which includes having an FCSS Board.
  • The bylaw states that the board will have 4 people from the community and 2 Councillors.
  • The Board reviews program reports, helps identify if there are gaps in services, reviews applications and reports for funding.
  • Their responsibility is to promote FCSS to the community and to help ensure the program and grants align with community needs.

Click here to read the Lac La Biche County FCSS Bylaw and Board.
The FCSS board typically meets the 2nd Monday of each month.

The FCSS Board’s mission statement is “People development for strong communities.”

FCSS Grants

FCSS recognizes and supports the role that non-profit groups play in supporting prevention and very early intervention.

  • Programs or events must be of a preventive / very early intervention social service nature, or support volunteers.
  • Applications must align with the provincial strategic directions, which can be found here: FCSS Act and Regulation

Some previous recipients include: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lac La Biche & Area, Lac La Biche Canadian Native Friendship Centre, Plamondon & Wandering River youth program, Historical Chappelle Society of Plamondon.

  • Applications must be received at least two weeks before a board meeting.
  • Expenses incurred before an application has been reviewed will not be eligible for the grant funding.
  • The current grant application form contains sections for both the application and report in one document.
  • There is also a grant budget form that must accompany the application.

Assistance with the grant application for sections such as outcomes is available by calling 780-623-6819 or e-mailing fcss@laclabichecounty.com

h Alberta’s FCSS Act and Regulation. Proposals must be eligible in accordance with the FCSS Association of Alberta’s Program Advice Inventory Listing.

Click the following links to download our application form and budget sheet:

  1. FCSS Grant Form
  2. FCSS Budget Sheet

Please contact 780-623-6819 if you have any questions about the application process.

Lac La Biche County Interagency

The Lac La Biche County Interagency is a group of service agencies and community members who meet to share information and ideas, and discuss current trends and issues that affect residents’ quality of life. All interested groups and individuals are invited to attend bi-monthly meetings. There is always an open seat at the table.

Please e-mail fcss@laclabichecounty.com to find out more, or if you would like to present at the Interagency’s next regular meeting. FCSS and Community Development also maintains a list of agencies and residents who want to be kept informed about local programs and services between meetings.

Community Programming and Services

One of FCSS and Community Development’s main responsibilities is observing what is happening in the community, identifying gaps in local social programs and services, and finding ways to fill them. The department’s activities change frequently, so up-to-date information is posted on Lac La Biche County FCSS’ Facebook page.

Click here to find out more about Community Programming and Services.

Child Minding Services

As part of Young Family Connections, this service provides high-quality child-minding services for people participating in activities or services offered at the Bold Center. For further service and fee information please go to the Child Mind page. 

Community Access System 

Lac La Biche County recognizes the importance of affordable transportation to essential services as part of a healthy community. For further service and fee information please go to the Community Access System page.