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Lac La Biche County has a strong connection to nature. The region is environmentally and ecologically significant, containing more than 150 lakes and countless wetlands, and it has been recognized as one of Alberta's Important Bird Areas. The County has many programs in place to protect and enhance the land, air and water. In keeping with our motto of "Welcoming by nature," we strive to be environmental leaders so our region is kept beautiful and clean for future generations.

Please click here for information about the County's Waste & Recycling Management services.

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Environmental Reserves and Riparian Setback Matrix Model
Lake and Shoreline Protection Information
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Public Programs and Initiatives


2021 Environment Week details: Website listing  

Environment Week is a time to reaffirm our relationship with the natural world, centered around World Environment Day on June 5. Lac La Biche County participates in this annual public awareness campaign, and the Environmental Services department hosts a variety of events from family movie nights to informative workshops. Watch this website's [Events Calendar] and the County's Facebook page for details about Environment Week events each year.

The week typically ends with a Household Hazardous Waste Round-Up and Community Shred-It, which is an opportunity for residents to dispose of toxic, flammable or corrosive items like household cleaners safely. A secure shredder is also available so residents can recycle confidential papers.

Environmental Stewardship Awards

Nominations are now closed for Lac La Biche County's 2021 Environmental Stewardship Awards! Thank you for all submitted entries! Nominees included individuals and community groups that went above and beyond in their efforts to preserve Lac La Biche County's natural environment. Nominations were open in four categories: Individual, Community Organization/Group, Business/Institution, and Agriculture.

Winners receive $500 and a certificate acknowledging their achievement.

To learn more about the criteria and selection process utilized, check out the link below.

Environmental Stewardship Awards Policy & Procedure

Items for Sale

The County believes in providing residents with resources that help them to be more environmentally friendly. Composters and rain barrels are sold at a reduced price at the County Centre office (13422 Highway 881). Note that due to Covid-19 restrictions, curbside pickup arrangements are available. 

  • Composters are ideal for turning organic waste like fruit and vegetable leftovers into nutrient-rich fertilizer. The County sells composters for $72 each, plus GST.
  • Rain barrels are sold for $78.05 each, plus GST. The barrels collect rainwater, which you can then use to water your garden, wash your car and more.
  • Green Cones, also known as solar food digestors, are also available for purchase for $116, plus GST. To learn more about what you can put in a Green Cone, click here.

Please call (780) 623-6739 to ask about item availability and specifications.

Lake and Shoreline Protection

Click here to read our pamphlet about shoreline and water body protection. Our water bodies are the source of our drinking water, home to many species of flora and fauna, and the site of numerous recreational activities, so we are committed to safeguarding them.

Please review the draft Environmental Services Bylaw - we encourage your feedback! 

IMG_0528Our County contains a large number of riparian areas. These are areas bordering lakes, rivers and other bodies of water, so they are vital for protecting water quality, providing habitats for plants and wildlife, and more. The County uses the Riparian Setback Matrix Model to regulate development and subdivision around water bodies. This helps to ensure the local watershed's long-term health and sustainability.

Waterfront landowners may wish to add retaining walls, build docks or make other changes to the shoreline. However, shorelines are actually public lands owned by the Government of Alberta and regulated by Alberta Environment & Parks. In addition, the County may own "buffer zones" called Environmental Reserves, which must be kept in their natural states. Please call our Planning & Development department at (780) 623-1747 to find out which regulations apply to your property.

Mad About ScienceMad About Science

Mad About Science is a free, educational summer day camp for kids ages 9-12. Participants learn about the environment through games, experiments and other activities. This is one way we teach our younger citizens about environmental stewardship. Camps run in different locations across the County in July and August.

Other Initiatives

Corporate Green Team

One of the County's official Operating Guiding Principles is environmental sustainability. That means we aim to lead by example, and we want to consider the environment in all of our decisions and day-to-day activities. The Corporate Green Team is an internal committee of County staff members, whose goal is to make sure we practice what we preach and our operations are environmentally friendly.

Water Quality and Beach Sampling

Through a partnership with Alberta Health Services, water is tested for harmful bacteria at 10 different beaches in the area from June to August. The County also samples water quality on various lakes and at different inflow and outlow points around Lac La Biche Lake, the largest and best-known water body in the region.

All of our water quality data is compiled into summary reports at the end of each sampling year.

Lake Monitoring Program Reports:
Summary of Lake Monitoring Program

Beaver Lake - 2017 Report
Beaver Lake - 2018 Report
Beaver Lake - 2019 Report
Beaver Lake - 2020 Report

Elinor Lake - 2017 Report
Elinor Lake - 2018 Report
Elinor Lake - 2019 Report
Elinor Lake - 2020 Report

Fork Lake - 2017 Report
Fork Lake - 2018 Report
Fork Lake - 2019 Report
Fork Lake - 2020 Report

Lac La Biche Lake (East Basin) - 2017 Report
Lac La Biche Lake (East Basin) - 2018 Report
Lac La Biche Lake (East Basin) - 2019 Report
Lac La Biche Lake (East Basin) - 2020 Report

Lac La Biche Lake (West Basin) - 2017 Report
Lac La Biche Lake (West Basin) - 2018 Report
Lac La Biche Lake (West Basin) - 2019 Report
Lac La Biche Lake (West Basin) - 2020 Report

Lac La Biche Region Watershed Stewardship Society

 The Lac La Biche Region Watershed Stewardship Society is a newly formed environmental conservation organization whose mission is to enhance, preserve, and protect the watersheds in the Lac La Biche Region, ensuring that they are healthy and ecologically sustainable. Click here to view their website.