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Hiking and Riding
Wildlife Watching

Camping and Glamping

Set up a tent and fall asleep to the sounds of loons calling across the lake, or climb into your cabin’s bunkbed for a quiet night indoors. Both are possible in Lac La Biche Region. Hundreds of campsites are scattered throughout the area, along with cabins, resorts and other lodgings that offer you a home away from home.

Backcountry camping is permitted at designated sites in Lakeland Provincial Park & Provincial Recreation Area.

Deluxe Camping

Hideaway Adventure Grounds in Kikino Métis Settlement (canvas wall tents)
Tipis at Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park


Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area Campground & Group Use Area
Crow Lake Provincial Park Campground

Fork Lake Campground
Contains both serviced and non-serviced sites. Accessible from Highway 867, in the southern part of the County. Includes a beach, boat launch and playground.

Ironwood Lake Campground in Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area
Pinehurst Lake Campground in Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area

Plamondon Camp 3F
Reservations are accepted. For information, call (780) 798-3478.
Group area for private bookings. Accessible from Campsite Road, north of the hamlet of Plamondon.

Plamondon Whitesands Resort
Seibert Lake Campground in Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area
Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park Campground
Touchwood Lake Campground in Lakeland Provincial Park

Cabins & Resorts

Elinor Lake Resort
Grist Haven Lodge
Kikino Silver Birch Resort
Plamondon Whitesands Resort
Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park Comfort Camping
Winefred Lake Lodge
Winefred Lake Outfitters

Hiking and Riding

There are many trails and walking paths for you to enjoy in Lac La Biche Region. Paved, bicycle-friendly paths connect the hamlets of Lac La Biche and Plamondon to rural subdivisions and park areas.

Sir Winston Churchill RoadFurther afield, you'll find trails of all lengths suitable for hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Some are good for a short jaunt in the great outdoors; others are gateways to multi-day excursions into the backcountry. If you prefer to ride, some trails are open for cycling, ATV riding and snowmobiling. The Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area, adjacent to Lakeland Provincial Park, has several trails designated for off-road vehicles. Staging areas are located near official campgrounds.

Favourite Trails

Lac La Biche Lakefront Walking Path: This 15-kilometre paved path leads through picturesque residential areas and along the shore of Lac La Biche Lake. The path connects Lac La Biche West subdivision to the hamlet of Lac La Biche and McArthur Park, before continuing eastward to the Lac La Biche Golf & Country Club and Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park. It is easiest to start in McArthur Park, where ample parking and other amenities are available.

Boardwalk Trail at Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park: Stroll through old-growth forest that feels completely removed from the outside world. Just over a kilometre in length, the trail begins with a boardwalk and ends with a sandy beach. A viewing platform for observing the nearby Pelican Islands is located close to the trailhead.

Long Point Trail at Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park: Hike to the western tip of Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park's main island. There are several good vantage points to admire the panoramic lake views on the two-kilometre walk.

Mosquito Lake Trail at Lakeland Provincial Park: This 11-kilometre trail crosses the heart of Lakeland Provincial Park, leading from the eastern shore of Shaw Lake to the isthmus where Jackson Lake and Kinnaird Lake meet. It passes McGuffin Lake along the way, where you'll find a backcountry campsite and a memorial cairn placed by the local Royal Canadian Legion branch. You can access this trail by starting at the Shaw Lake Day Use Area and hiking east, or by starting at Jackson Lake Staging Area and hiking south.

Shaw Lake Loop at Lakeland Provincial Park: This hiking trail becomes a groomed cross-country skiing circuit in the winter. It begins at the Shaw Lake Day Use Area and completely circles the lake.

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Wildlife Watching

Nestled in the boreal forest, Lac La Biche Region is rich in biodiversity. Sightings of deer, moose, bears, coyotes and foxes are all possible. These and other animals call the woods and wetlands home. Look for beavers and muskrats around the lakes and rivers, and remember never to disturb wildlife. You’re likely to find prints, scat and other signs that animals are nearby when you’re out hiking or riding. This is bear country, so take appropriate precautions!

Lac La Biche Lake is one of Alberta’s Important Bird Areas, frequented by hundreds of species, making the region a birdwatcher’s paradise. In fact, the federal government declared it a Bird Sanctuary in 1920. The summer migrations bring grebes, herons, pelicans, terns and other water-loving birds. Bald eagles and ospreys circle the lakes, owls swoop through the trees, and the deep quiet of the forest is broken by the sounds of grouse, warblers and woodpeckers.

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