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Wetlands Reconstruction Projects

Post Date:11/05/2021 10:07 AM

Lac La Biche County and Healthy Waters Lac La Biche have successfully obtained funding to reconstruct wetlands that have been infilled. This is important, as wetlands provide many benefits including reduction of flood and drought impacts, improved water quality, reduced erosion, and critical habitat for many flora and fauna.

Bold Center     Field Lake Wetlands Projects

Two wetlands are being constructed in Lac La Biche County on municipal land, these projects include: 

  • Northwest of Bold Center (photo left) – a wetland is being created in this location because it is a low-lying area with erosion issues due to runoff it receives from the Bold Center roof and parking lot. When complete the location will also serve as an outdoor classroom, with educational signage to be installed along the perimeter of the wetland.
  • Northwest of Field Lake (photo right) – wetlands will help in this location because this is area is prone to flooding/drought and has historical issues of poor water quality which flows into Lac La Biche Lake. 

The reconstruction of these wetlands will be starting this fall, with vegetation planting occurring in the spring. 

Stay tuned for more details to come!

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