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Information on the County's Street Sweeping Program

Post Date:04/23/2021 6:15 PM

Most of the snow has melted and spring is just around the corner, and that means that County crews will be out sweeping our streets with more regularity.

Click here to view a map of the different street sweeping zones within the hamlet of Lac La Biche.

  • On Monday, April 26, County staff will be street sweeping residential areas in zones one and two (north of the tracks) starting at 6 am. Please remove your vehicles from the street before the work begins. Signage will be placed in affected ares.
  • We will share more information about other areas being swept in the coming days.

Why do we sweep streets?

Whether it's our streets or public parking lots, the community needs to be free of dirt and debris. Residents enjoy clean neighbourhoods, and patrons enjoy shopping in business districts and downtown shopping centres that are kept neat and orderly.

Most communities in Alberta conduct street sweeping programs in the spring: sanding material and other debris that accumulated on roads during the winter is removed through this process.

Street sweeping also picks up harmful substances that contaminate the environment. If left on the streets, toxins and debris can make their way into ditches, storm drains, and our waterways. In fact, the Canada Environmental Agency has defined street sweeping as a best management practice in preventing storm water runoff contamination.

Finally, sweeping reduces dust and other airborne contaminants, and helps ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclers, and drivers.

How can I help?

County residents can help our crews conduct their work in a safe, efficient manner by doing the following when you notice street sweeping signs in your area (which will be placed on streets and the main entrances into maintenance zones and subdivisions at least 48 hours in advance).

  • Refrain from parking on the street the day that street sweeping is set to begin.
  • Remove ramps or other obstructions from the gutter in front of your driveway.
  • Refrain from sweeping grass, leaves, and garbage from your driveway and sidewalk out onto the road. However, do sweep any rock chips and sand from your driveway and sidewalk out onto the road for sweepers to pick up.
  • Always give our equipment plenty of space, in front, behind, and on both sides. Even though the County has measures in place to minimize dust, our street sweeper can still create dusty conditions that may reduce visibility. 
  • Refrain from placing advertising signs on boulevards and the road media.

We understand that some of the recommendations above may be inconvenient. However, Lac La Biche County appreciates your cooperation in keeping our hamlets and neighbourhoods clean.

Emergency Roadway Conditions

As always, Lac La Biche County has a 24-hour on-call and after-hours roadway condition emergency line available by dialling 780-404-4078.

Routine concerns should be directed to our main line during regular business hours by dialling 780-623-1747, or by reporting an issue via the SeeClickFix service.


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