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Healthy Waters Public Open House - Craigend Hall

  • Date: 10/06/2021 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM  

Healthy Waters Open House 

Caleb Sinn, B.Sc., Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) - Caleb’s passion for freshwater ecology developed after spending many summers throughout his childhood at Gull Lake, exploring Alberta’s mountain national parks, and fishing in southern British Columbia. He started working for the ALMS as technician in the summer of 2019. Caleb became the ALMS Program Manager in early 2020, where he enjoys analyzing and reporting data about Alberta's lakes, coordinating lake monitoring activities throughout the province, and working with amazing volunteers. Caleb will be presenting on “Satellite-Derived Cyanobacteria Bloom Monitoring for Alberta Lakes”. In 2020, a multi-stakeholder working group collaborated to develop a tool to visualize cyanobacteria abundance at Pigeon Lake using satellite data. As the project progresses, additional metrics will be developed that describe how these blooms function, and additional lakes will be included. This includes Lac La Biche lake, and so those interested in the lake and its watershed will be able to use this tool to learn more about its cyanobacteria blooms, and how different management initiatives may impact their prevalence.

Tricia Fleming, DVM, M.Sc. and Rachel Bates, B.Sc., LICA - LICA is a community-based not-for-profit association that is the Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC) for the Beaver River Watershed, which includes the southern portion of Lac La Biche County.  LICA focuses on environmental monitoring, environmental management, and community education and outreach, including the development of an Integrated Watershed Management Plan. Rachel Bates is the Education and Outreach Coordinator at LICA, and has a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences from the University of Alberta. Tricia Fleming is LICA’s Environmental Coordinator, with training in environmental sustainability, wildlife/ecosystem health-focused veterinary science, and biology. Tricia and Rachel will present on “What WPACs Do For You”, discussing the history of WPACs in Alberta, how they operate as a part of the larger provincial water governance strategy, and why stakeholder-led water management matters. Additionally, they will walk you through some of the key funding and collaboration opportunities WPACs offer to landowners, community groups, and municipalities.

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