Waste Management

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T: 780-623-6739

Lac La Biche County’s waste management plan is to substantially reduce the amount of waste going to landfills or transfer stations. As landfills reach maximum capacity, they are converted to transfer stations. The 2017 Green Initiatives Calendar & Guide contains waste management programs details and schedules.

  • Except for large commercial loads, the County’s five transfer stations accept the same material as its two landfills in Plamondon and Beaver Hill.The County's landfills and transfer stations map shows where they are located. Disposal of regular household garbage and recycling is free. A tipping fee is charged for industrial, commercial and institutional waste. Landfill and transfer station hours of operation vary between summer and winter.
  • Starting January 1, 2016 there will be new tipping fees for institutional, commercial and institutional (ICI) loads, as well as construction and demolition materials. 
  • A weekly curbside waste and recycling pick-up service is provided every Tuesday to residents living in Lac La Biche, and every Wednesday to residents in Plamondon and 12 country subdivisions (Young’s Beach, Holowachuk Estates, Lakeview Estates, Clearwater Cove, Sunset Bay, Lac La Biche West, Churchill Gates, Summit Heights, Wedgewood/Green Banks, Claude Lake, Ulliac Beach and Mission Spruce Bay). Containers must be out by 8 a.m. on collection day and properly placed and spaced. Residents and businesses without curbside collection can take waste and recyclables to a landfill or transfer station. Bag all garbage in the brown waste container. Check out our What Goes Where? information sheet to see what can be recycled and what needs to be thrown away.Recycling bin with tires
  • The County offers recycling at all landfill and transfer stations including paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic, electronics, used oil and paint, tires, glass, wood waste and more. Textile recycling and a book exchange program may be added in the future. Sort and dispose of waste and recyclables properly by finding out What Goes Where?.  
  • Each May, free of charge, the County collects large residential items like appliances, toilets and sinks, furniture, mattresses, etc. that are no longer wanted. Check the flyer for details on what will and won't be picked up. Large Item Curbside Pickup is available in the hamlets of Lac La Biche and Plamondon only. Other residents are encouraged to go to a landfill or transfer station with their large items.
  • Large item pickup is part of the Clean Sweep Program held every spring. This community initiative brings together residents, community groups and County staff to pitch in and spring clean streets, ditches, yards and homes. Email or call us if you would like to volunteer your help.







  • Twice each year, the County hosts Household Hazardous Waste Round-Up and Community Shred-It (securely shredding and recycling any private document free of charge).
  • The Community Organics Recycling Enhancement (CORE) program encourages residents to compost their food and yard waste. The program provides residents with information and assistance in installing and maintaining a backyard composter. High efficiency composters are available from the County at cost. Email or call us if you are interested in participating.
  • Every landfill and transfer site in the County, except Elinor Lake, has a Reuse Centre. The Centres keep waste out of the landfill by giving residents the chance to drop off and take away household items in good repair – for free! Tools, school and office supplies, arts and craft materials, furniture, light fixtures, exercise equipment, toys and much more are accepted. For health and safety reasons these products are not:
    • Mattresses, futons, cots, bedding, clothing, shoes or other personal wear items.
    • Baby walkers, cribs, lawn darts, bicycle and hockey helmets, or similar items.
    • Personal Protective Equipment like children’s car seats, hard hats, safety boots, gas masks, life jackets, or similar items.