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County Council votes to stop charging off-site levies

Off-site levy system seen as an added barrier to development

Post Date:02/14/2017 3:04 PM

Lac La Biche County Council has given three readings to Bylaw 17-001, which repeals two other bylaws and stops the charging of off-site levies.

Off-site levies are fees the municipality collects when landowners subdivide or develop properties in designated areas of the County. The rationale has been to use the dollars collected to help pay for water and sewer lines or roads in those areas, but the levy system has been criticized as inconsistent and restrictive.

“While it is important for Lac La Biche County to recoup costs associated with infrastructure, the existing off-site levy system was not working,” said Mayor Omer Moghrabi. “Repealing these bylaws removes a barrier to development.”

Council and County Administration will consider alternative available options for recouping infrastructure costs.

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